Chaga Mushroom Spray

$55.00 for 30ml

Immune Booster
Manage Stress

Category: Mushroom Extracts, Natural Healing

30 ml Spray Bottle

Inonotus obliquus – Indivita Chaga mushroom is the actual fruiting body, processed by hot water extraction into a fine powder and formulated with Australian natives into a paste for ingestion.

Chaga is known for its Anti-Inflammatory compounds, the polyphenals are anti-oxidents as well, boosting the Immune System.  This mushroom also acts as a Prebiotic, feeding the good Gut bacteria.  It helps with lowering blood sugar as well as supporting the liver and stomach function.  Chaga is a powerful adaptogen, increasing the body’s resilience and capacity to process and respond to stress.  It can calm the mind and support our stress response. 

All products are recommended to be stored in a cool dark place and out of sunlight. Shake well before use. 


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