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Mark’s Story

Living in Pain

30 years of living with chronic pain, taking pharmaceuticals and other natural medicines before being introduced to CBD Oil.  I will never forget the day I was introduced to CBD by a work colleague.  We had spent the week together. He had watched me limp, from a serious injury I had sustained many years ago, and struggle with pain all week.  So on Friday he came to me and said try this.

After a few questions about whether it was going to affect me in any way. Being reassured it wouldn’t, I tried it.  I then proceeded to forget I had even used it and went about my normal day at work.

Wow, What a Difference

It was around lunchtime that I first noticed that something was different.  I noticed that I wasn’t limping like I normally do. It felt like someone had put a grease nipple in my ankle.   I wasn’t in pain for the first time in a long time.  The burning I normally felt between my shoulders, another injury, and just a part of life was also gone.  To say this got my attention was an understatement and I wanted to know more.

Well, over 6 years later and after much research, I don’t go a day without Hemp Oil.  It doesn’t have any side effects like other medications do. I don’t even notice that I have had some but I do notice when I forget it.

CBD has allowed me to have a quality of life I would not have had before. As a bonus without the nasty side effects that other medications can have.  It has also helped with my anxiety which was a side effect from years of taking anti-inflammatory’s. I don’t get panic attacks anymore which had become regular occurrences.  It has been a game changer for me. SHOP NOW

Anxiety in Pets, Separation Anxiety in dogs

Bonnie’s Story

Our Beautiful Bull Arab

Our CBD story continues with another family member.  Our newest family member is Bonnie the Bull Arab, she has a brother Clyde and they turned 1 in September 2020.  They are two of the best puppies you could meet.  Bonnie is a happy girl with a serious side that has a heart of gold and is fiercely protective of her Mumma.  Clyde is our beautiful boy who just wants to love everyone. He makes sure he is available for pats anytime you want to give them.

Bonnie came first at 9 weeks old and then Clyde at 15 weeks. The plan was only for 1 puppy, but his mummy fell in love with Clyde as well as Bonnie. She couldn’t stop thinking about him until she went back to get him.   Now we have brother and sister, Bonnie and Clyde.

The Bad News

As Bonnie grew, and she grew fast, growing bigger than all her siblings. We started to notice that she struggled to get up at times and would cry a little when she slept moving around trying to get comfortable.  At 8 months old she started to get a depressed. Would often go and sleep in the spare room away from everyone. We decided to take her to the vet for a check up.

Well, the vet visit didn’t go as we had hoped, and the initial prognosis was that she had pain in her hips. She needed an Xray to confirm what was going on.  The phone came the afternoon Bonnie went in for her Xray and the vet told us that worst case scenario had happened. Bonnie had hip dysplasia in both her hips and needed 2 new hips.  It was a lot for us to take in and we are still coming to terms with this news as she was so young how could this be.

A Ray of Light

About a week after the vet visit, we decided to try Bonnie on CBD Oil to see if it helped her depression and it did, she started to smile again. We hadn’t known just how much pain she had been in.  The pain had been causing the depression.  Once we helped manage the pain, the depression went.

Age in on Her Side

The good news is that she is young and we are helping from early in the diagnosis to give her the best life we can. But, she has her whole life in front of her, what a tough deal for Bonnie.

Bonnie and Clyde are growing and we love them dearly.  An operation may be in her future so we have been saving lots, just in case.  Bonnie has been coping well, she is nearly 60 kg now.  She can run and play like she used to but she has to rest more now. She is so smart that she manages that herself.  Bonnie is her happy self again and loves to play with her brother bossing him around.

The journey so far has been a tough one, but it would have been tougher if we didn’t have CBD to get her through.  It is still a big road ahead and we are grateful to be able to help her out.

Staffies and Separation Help, Amazing what a few drops do

Bandit’s Story

Bandit was our Staffie who lived to over 16 years of age.  She was our pet and a beloved family member.  But more than that she has helped to get us through many years of hardship with a smile and waggly tail. Always excited to see us every time we came home or even went outside and came back in.

Bandit or Bandy as we called her was your typical staffy full of energy and didn’t stop. She put everything into all she did, whether it was eating, running, walking, or playing catch.  One of her favourite things to do.  Like most Staffy’s, she had muscles on muscles.  I came home one day and she had torn the wire rope on her dog run because she wanted to get off.

Separation Anxiety

The only problem with that is she suffered from Separation Anxiety every time we left home. We would get friends to drop in on her if we were going to be away for the day.  She would have to stayover at friends’ houses if we were going to be away for the night as she would cause havoc.  We once came home to find she had chewed her way through our bed head, bedside table and even started chewing the aluminium on the glass doors.

ACL Injury

When she was about 8 years old, we were playing catch, she ran down the yard to get the ball. Unfortuneately as she turned to grab the ball and keep running, something happened.  She came back to us on 3 legs instead of 4.  No complaints, no yelping, still wanted to play catch but couldn’t put one of her back legs on the ground.  We watched her that day thinking she might get better, but she didn’t. So we took her to the vet the next day.  The news was she had an ACL injury and needed a new one.


So, the process started, and Bandy went into surgery the next week coming out with a blue compression suit on and a bandage on one leg.  We were told to keep her quiet and as still as we could until the leg healed.  Hahahahaha.  Anyone who knows or owns a staffy knows they don’t sit still.  We had to sedate her for a couple of weeks, but she was back to her old self before long.

The only change was that when she slept or relaxed on her bed she would cry.  Now Staffys do tend to be very vocal and make lots of sounds so we didn’t think much of it at first but it got worse.   We took her to the vet and found out she was developing arthritis in her legs.

We went home with some tablets to help, and they helped but we saw our beloved Bandy start to deteriorate and wasn’t as happy. Her coat started to dull and didn’t have the same energy she had had before.  One thing she never lost was how happy she was to see us.  We tried to make her as comfortable as possible for the next couple of years hoping the arthritis wouldn’t get too much worse.

Enter Help

That was before we were introduced to CBD by a family member who had started to use it, and it had helped with pain management. We decided to try it on Bandy.  We would give her a drop on her food morning and night, and we started to see a difference in her immediately. 

She stopped crying, something we were really happy about. You never want to see or hear your pet in pain.  She started to return back to her old self wanting to chase her beloved ball again.  The next time she went to the vet he mentioned how good she looked and that her coat was shining again.

Another plus that we noticed after Bandy started on the CBD was that she was more settled. We could leave her for the day, she didn’t stress as much and didn’t destroy the house.  This was a big game changer for her and us as it meant leaving her was not as stressful and we didn’t need to keep checking in on her.

They Don’t Live Forever

Now like I said at the beginning of this story Bandit lived to be over 16, we lost her early this year. But, she lived for the last 4 years of her life pain free thanks to the CBD.  We were able to give her quality of life and happiness, had a shiny coat, she didn’t cry, played ball, and ran around the yard. 

She moved a little slower, went grey and lost her hearing, had cataracts and slept more as she got older. The biggest and most important thing for us was she was pain free and that was thanks to the CBD. 

I can’t speak highly enough of how this product gave our family quality of life and great joy to be able to spend those last few years with our puppy.