Cornerstone Gold

$360.00 for 30ml
$125.00 for 10ml

Approx. 200mg hemp extract per 1ml
Our Gold is the highest strength of the
Premium Range.

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Cornerstone Hemp Gold contains 200 mg/1ml Hemp Oil.  Each 30 ml bottle contains 600 drops, which means if you used 5 drops per day, each bottle would last 120 days.  Our 10 ml bottles contain 200 drops, which means 5 drops per day, the bottle would last 40 days.

Our Oils are organically grown in Australia without the use of Pesticides.  When buying Hemp Oil, it is important to know the Concentration per ml rather than the size of the bottle as you want to know how much product you are receiving.  We use MCT as a carrier oil which has many health benefits on its own.

Cornerstone Gold is our highest concentration of Oil and probably our most popular.  Customers who have lived with pain or illness for a long time ask for the highest concentration we have.  CBD is used worldwide for Chronic Pain, Inflammation, Anxiety, Sleep, Muscle Spasms, Auto Immune and much more. 

All our Oil is the same Oil, it is just the concentration level that differs.  The more, or less, reasons you are considering using Hemp Oil will determine which type you would choose; Gold, Silver or Bronze.

All Cornerstone products are recommended to be stored in a cool dark place and out of sunlight. Shake well before use.  Customers must use Cornerstone Hemp Oil in accordance with Australian Hemp Regulations.



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