Cornerstone Silver

$260.00 for 30ml
$100.00 for 10ml

Approx. 150mg hemp extract per 1ml
Our Silver is the medium strength of the
Premium Range.

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Cornerstone Hemp Silver contains 150 mg/1ml Hemp Oil.  Each 30 ml bottle contains 600 drops, which means if you used 5 drops per day, each bottle would last 120 days.  Our 10 ml bottles contain 200 drops, which means 5 drops per day, the bottle would last 40 days.

Our Silver Oil is our middle Strength Oil, a good place to start if you are not sure which one to choose.  Our Oils are the same, just different levels of concentration so the Silver is a good choice for a variety of uses.  Arthritis, Inflammation, and Muscle Spasms are just a few of the reasons customers use our Oils.

Our Carrier Oil is MCT which has been shown to have anti-bacterial properties, can help to burn body fat, can give an energy boost and assist with managing blood sugar levels.  This is why Cornerstone Hemp uses MCT as our carrier oil. 

All Cornerstone products are recommended to be stored in a cool dark place and out of sunlight. Shake well before use.


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